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T1 prices from a range of T1 carriers at the most competitive price. This service is not biased to any particular T1 carrier. Once you are satisfied with a price that meets your requirements one of our T1 Product Specialists will contact you to discuss your detailed specification,send you an official quote and help you through the process.


What is T1 and some Tier 1 Providers. http://t1services.info/news/What_isT1_and__Major_Providers_Explained.php

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Here you will find more than 30 t1 bandwidth carrier prices for your business internet T1. All our t1 carriers are tier 1 with proven reliability and up-time. You have made the right choice for your T1 high speed internet price solutions. Consult our friendly staff for any information you need. We want you to be completely satisfied with your t1 decision and remain a customer of T1services.info for years to come.

 T1 Prices and How Carriers Assess T1 Pricing.

Written by: Les Harper - Mar 28, 2014

T1 Line prices are assessed by t1 carriers in different ways. However this usually comes down to two components;the local loop (this is the cost the local carrier charges to carry the signal from the end user's Central Office (CO) to the Point Of Presence (POP) of the carrier)and port (access to the network through the carrier's network) Usually the port price is assessed in access speed and contract level) and the loop is based on location. The greater the distance between the CO and POP the more the loop will cost.

The T1 Line loop prices will be assessed by the mileage calculation (performed in V/H co-ordinates and not GPRS) and the telco piece. The Bell operating companies,usually Verizon,Qwest and AT & T all charge different T1 carriers prices per mile rates. This means the calculation has two distance steps - geomapping and local T1 Line price arrangements.

For dedicated T1 Line voice lines the above calculations are similar except the port (needed for Internet access) is exchanged by LDU (Long Distance Usage). Once the loop price is agreed the voice related charges are added to the total. Therefore total price = loop + LDU x minutes used.

If the above sounds complicated don't worry as we perform all these calculations with different T1 carriers. Any questions you may have on pricing will be explained in detail by our Product Specialists so you should have no hidden surprises.

We have access to many best high speed internet carriers with extremely competitive pricing. We guarantee we will not be beaten on cost if you go to the carrier directly. You may ask how we can do this,well it is due to the amount of business we give to the carriers. In simple terms it is called bulk.

Why should you choose us for your business t1 price quotes? In simple terms we are the leaders in our field with a very special pricing tool. Our prices are given in real-time with up to date pricing structure and no hidden charges. Sometimes a customer's requirements are unique and it may not be possible to provide costs immediately,however we usually achieve this within one business day.

In addition we have access to Ethernet so we can tell if your building is already served by Ethernet and who the provider is. Again we can provide instant prices for this service. This usually means high t1 line bandwidth for a very much reduced cost to you.

So don't hesitate and get your best high speed internet quotes now without any obligation whatsoever.